How do I find my loved one’s grave?

We do not currently have our mapping feature activated, but you can visit this website to assist in your search.  email our office for assistance. We do not provide photos at this time.

What is the availability of graves at Ruskin Memorial Park?

We currently have a number of sites that are available for family members in your time of need. Please contact us or call 813-434-3461 for assistance.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Ruskin Memorial Park accepts check or money order as payment for burial sites.

What decorations can be placed on the grave?

Please review our Rules and Regulations for specific details on this question.

How do I purchase a monument for a grave?

While we do not recommend specific providers, there are two local businesses that we can put you in touch with to purchase a monument or marker for your loved one’s grave. Please contact us directly 813-434-3461 for information.

URGENT NOTICE: Thomas Pyche is no longer affiliated with Ruskin Memorial Park Association, Inc. The President is Clinton Paskert. Thomas Pyche is not authorized to act on behalf of or as an agent of Ruskin Memorial Park Association, Inc. Do not engage in any cemetery business with Thomas Pyche related to Ruskin Memorial Park Association, Inc.

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