Burial Options

Ruskin Cemetery burial options include burial crypts and cremation niches.

Ruskin Memorial Park offers burial options for families seeking a final resting place for their loved one. We offer both burial plots, crypts and cremation niches, depending upon your personal preference.

For information regarding use of monuments and decorations, please review our Rules and Regulations document.

Please contact us for additional information 813-434-3461






Sections 1&2 & 6      $2,000 – not currently selling

Riverview                  $2,000 – sold out

Section 3                    $1,500 – not currently selling

North & South Sections              $1,250

Infant Section             $  250

Cremains Only will incur the same price as the entire plot

Second Rights – Cremains placed with an existing burial $250, one only per plot

Niche – one urn per niche   $1,250

Crypt- Single             $4,000

Crypt-Companion        $6,000

Includes cost of rights to burial plot only.  Additional costs may be incurred by the funeral home, vault services, and markers.  Funding is due in full at the time of purchase.  We accept money orders and checks.

URGENT NOTICE: Thomas Pyche is no longer affiliated with Ruskin Memorial Park Association, Inc. The President is Clinton Paskert. Thomas Pyche is not authorized to act on behalf of or as an agent of Ruskin Memorial Park Association, Inc. Do not engage in any cemetery business with Thomas Pyche related to Ruskin Memorial Park Association, Inc.


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